Want your kids to stay healthier and have a longer life span? Monitor their diets right away. Yes, American Heart Association (AHA), has come up with a seriously alarming and disturbing report. The heart problems in American children are rising and the numbers are bad. But they have also given us the root cause of this major problem.
aha heart

It is the unhealthy diets, junk food and improper eating habits that bring them these cardiac health issues. Yuval Noah Harari wrote, “Each year the US population spends more money on diets than the amount needed to feed all the hungry people in the rest of the world.”

While many are born with heart problems and need immediate intensive care, others who are healthy at the time of birth are ruining their beautiful body and the breathing organ heart at a fast pace. The grade of heart health in American children is poor.

Dr. Julia Steinberger said,

“A primary reason for so few children having ideal cardiovascular health is poor nutrition. Children are eating high-calorie, low-nutrition foods and not eating enough healthy foods, such as fruits, vegetables, whole-grains, fish and other foods strongly associated with good heart health and a healthy body weight.”

Checking and Repairing the Damage done to your child’s heart is a tedious process. But physicians and CHD experts recommend it. This is the age when the little damage can be repaired by eating properly and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Rather than going all out on medication or facing a deadly disease related to heart, you can guide your young kids to do more physical activity than being on Snapchat and other social media all day. Over 60 minutes of physical exercise should be done in order to keep blood pressure and cholesterol under control.

If you think your child is eating healthy, let me tell you over 91% of children aged 2-9 are eating poor diet and are at risk of cardiovascular problems. The heart works at best now, but as they grow up with all this junk food – it will start to show adverse effects.

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