Forceful explosions reveal the mystery of the black holes formationThe dynamics of powerful explosion and the black holes is intertwined. These powerful explosions in the space offer a new understanding of black holes formation.

There were certain Gamma ray explosions occurring in the space and were observed in June 2016. Gamma ray explosions are the most forceful in the universe but it is difficult to keep a check on them as they are very short lived.

Gamma ray explosions are the most cataclysmic in nature. They involve massive bursts of stars that are fifty times bigger than Sun. The stars that are the size of the Sun would exude energy equal to the Sun’s entire life.

Two important findings have arisen from the observation. Firstly, what happens as the dying star crumples. The black hole creates a strong magnetic field that engulfs matter and energy devised by the explosion and then the magnetic field breakdown.The later phase witnesses the diminishing of the magnetic field and allowing matter to dominate the jets.

Another worry is what kind of dispersion is answerable for the bright phase at the starting of the burst which the scientists call as the Prompt phase. Synchrotron radiation is the cause of Prompt phase. In this the electrons precipitate in a curved or a spiral pathway catapulted by an organized magnetic field. Gamma ray burst emission is the result of the synchrotron radiation.

Gathering information about Gamma Ray Burst GRB 160625B needed a lot of telescopes to work together.  Therefore, NASA’s Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope first saw the explosion, and the ground-based Russia’s MASTER-IAC telescope, which is located at the Teide Observatory in Spain’s Canary Islands, quickly joined with findings in optical light.