Patients taking antibiotics should complete the entire courseHow many times has it happened that you have been prescribed antibiotics by your practitioner and you stop the pills as soon you start feeling better and neglect the other tablets that are a part of the course. A study has revealed that improve in your health does not mean the infection is totally eradicated.

However, researchers and scientists feel that the dosage of antibiotics should be reduced in order to fight the increasing problem of antibiotic resistance. Lengthy prescriptions for antibiotics could develop when the drug was not taken for a long time and the infection was under treated.

Recent studies are showing that a short course of antibiotics comprising of three to five days works as well as the long prescription. But there are some exceptions like the TB infections. One type of antibiotic can lead to rapid resistance. The need of the hour is to go away from the traditional mode of drug prescription give antibiotic prescriptions that are tailored to each infection and each person. The trend of taking drugs for a shorter period of time is increasing.

This change will be gradual because you cannot expect change based only on one study. The short courses are not arbitrary but are tailored to individual conditions.

There has been no new drug discovered after 1980s. We have become habituated to antibiotics and a world without them is far more dangerous. Performing surgeries would have been impossible without antibiotics. Cancer treatments like radio therapy and chemo therapy can damage the immune system therefore a course of antibiotics is prescribed to make the immune system stronger.