Time Famine and your happiness indexHave you ever panicked considering the fact that you have unlimited chores to do but you are running short of 24 hours? You are definitely suffering from Time Famine syndrome. This term first occurred in 1999 in the scientific literature.

If you think you have to strike a balance between your workplace and home and you have to handle all the related chores then you can reschedule your diary and give importance to the chores that requires immediate attention.

We have often observed that if we make time saving purchases, it will advance our happiness and minimize negative feelings or emotions. Spending voluntary dollars on time saving procurementscan protect you from harmful effects that a time famine can have on your happiness.

Procuring time can give safety against time famine which could lead to eternal happiness. These techniques are not limited to the affluent class but it’s about everyday people. You do not need a butler or a chauffeur or a cook. Paying $40 can make a huge impact.

According to the researchers, people belonging to all income levels had a greater index of happiness if they were spending money to buy time. The findings also suggested the feelings of being stressed were reduced considerably. These were the people involved in time saving purchases like paying others to clean their home and run errands. Therefore it has been proved that time purchases have got nothing to do with income level.

Definitely more research is required to decide if there will be identical or varying feelings of guilt while seeking time. Further research is also required as to how different countries of various wealth rate pon the happiness level and on the level of making time saving purchases.