Celebrate Independence day with your family and loved ones, by calling them for free and talking to them as much as you want. BSNL is giving all its subscribers and users a chance to do so. 15th August marks, India’s freedom and the national telecom provider is put with a surprise.
bsnl unlimited calling

Most people will love this, because Indians still talk via BSNL phones at home and many also have its broadband and mobile service.

Nationwide Free and Unlimited Calls with BSNL

Yes, there is no barrier of network, mobiles or landlines – all voice calls from BSNL landlines and mobiles will be free and there is no rush to disconnect. You can talk all day or with all your friends and make plans. Thank BSNL for this offer. While the important National holiday has a bitter history, this is the reason to be patriotic and love the spirit of India.

70 years ago, India the land of spices became free. Yes, it was an exploited and ruled colony under British. But things have changed a lot since then. It is the most diverse and multi-cultural land, where people from the west got to find peace, meditate and discover the meaning of life. Himalayas are the crown of India and it is really a joyous moment.

Telecom Minister Manoj Sinha’s Special Announcement – Digital India

BSNL…customers will be able to make unlimited free voice calling from BSNL landline to any network mobile and landline in the country on August 15, and thereafter every Sunday.

The country though separated at the time of Independence, but the freedom from centuries of British Raj opened a new chapter. We think this 15th August all Indians will be enjoying calls and every Sunday after that too.

Tell us about your 15th August plans? Who are you going to call?