With the new upbringing of the updates in the phones, Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge has also found its newest update. This update is not as normal as usual updates. Got much excited about it? Don’t worry the company always has provided the best and will be providing the best only.

samsung cloud service

To overcome your excitement and criss cross hands wishing for the news to be true. Let me draw out the air out of the suspense that Yes, Samsung Cloud launch news is hundred percent true. Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge has also started receiving the new update.

It has strayed out in Italy in first with the launch of the Samsung Cloud. This launch has created its debut with the recently introduced Samsung Galaxy Note 7 by the company.

This update weighs around 152MB. Not only this it also includes Android security patch for the whole month of August. It too includes some NFC along with Bluetooth related advanced improvements.

As usual about the new updates which take time to hit the phones. Here it is the same the new update will be taking time to polish off your phone. But if impatiently you are impatient then you can mark the update whenever you feel it to do. This you can do by checking you settings menu and by clicking on the new updates impatiently.

And then be ready to use your smart phone in your Cloud version with the 152 MB space. And begin enjoying all the benefits of the Cloud service in your phone.