God of War IV is an upcoming 3rd person action-adventure game that will be available exclusively for PlayStation 4. It is being developed by Santa Monica Studio and will be published by Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE). It is the 8th installment in the super hit God of War franchise and a sequel to 2010’s God of War III. This latest edition will act as a soft reboot for the franchise. Kratos returns as the game’s protagonist, maybe for the last time.



The game kicks off several years after the events of God of War III. Kratos has taken his revenge against the Olympian Gods and they no longer exist. He now lives with his son in the world dominated by Norse gods and monsters. He has to fight to ensure that he as well as his son survives. Kratos has to master his rage and mentor as well as protect his son. He hopes that his son will help him find redemption.


The graphics are stunning. To be very honest, the game feels like you are looking through a window. The detailing done is amazing and the lightning and textures are a visual treat. The colours are sharp and bright. The game won the Game Critics Award for “Special Commendation for Graphics” at E3 2016.


The gameplay is going to be markedly different from the previous installments. God of War IV will feature elements from various role playing games (RPG) such as knowledge points, timed abilities etc. The “Rage” ability from the previous games has now been modified into “Spartan Rage” ability. One major change is that now Kratos will be using a magical battle axe instead of of his signature double chained blades. This difference arises from the fact that he lost those blades at the end of God of War III. He can also call upon his son and a button on the console is specifically dedicated to it. Hence, his son is effectively a battle resource.


The trailer of the game was introduced to rapturous response in the E3. It is the most eagerly awaited PS4 exclusive after the release of Uncharted 4. Fans of the God of War series are eagerly waiting where the series will go on from now. The prospect of Kratos having a son is also very exciting


From what all we have seen till now, there is only one conclusion – God of War IV will be one hell of a game. The visuals are a treat to watch. The gameplay is smooth and the plot is an exciting prospect. The Norse mythology provides a new hunting ground for our hero. What the actual game will be like, can only be determined once it has been released. Till then, let us hope that the release date is set in the near future. For those who can’t wait, time for some revision on the consoles!