In a surprising event, Singapore’s 21-year old Joseph Schooling has won gold medal in the 100m butterfly in Rio 2016 Olympic Games, beating the legendary 31-year old Michael Phelps from USA. Schooling finished the race in 50.39 seconds, which is a 0.75 seconds ahead than Michael Phelps and two others who finished second place in a three-way tie.joseph-schooling-100m-butterfly-rio2016

Just for your information, Michael Phelps has been an idol for Joseph Schooling, who met him when he was 13-year old in 2008 at Beijing Olympics training camp. Now, 8 years later he achieved his dream of participating in a race with his idol, and ultimately won the race.

Just after finishing the race, 22 Olympic gold medal winner Phelps congratulated the young man from Singapore. Later the American swimmer insisted that he would not return for Tokyo Olympics to be held in 2020. He said:

“I’ve been able to do everything I’ve ever put my mind to in this sport. And 24 years in the sport. I’m happy with how things finished. I’m ready to retire. I’m happy about it. I’m in a better state of mind this time than I was four years ago. And yeah. I’m ready to spend some time with (baby son) Boomer and (fiancee) Nicole.”

With 22 gold medals, Phelps has already won a total of 27 medals in the Olympics. Michael Phelps has one more race to come overnight, which the U.S. team never lose – 4x100m medley. If won, that would take the tally of his overall Olympic medals to 28 and gold medals to 23, to finish things off for him.

Michael Phelps grabs silver, along with Chad Le Clos and Laszlo Cseh finishing the 100m race in 51.14 seconds. Earlier, Phelps beat the South African swimmer Chad Le Clos and others in 200m butterfly event to win a gold medal, which was won by the latter in the 2012 London Olympics. After winning it, Phelps said, “mission achieved” on that last Wednesday.

We have found an unofficial video showing Schooling beating Michael Phelps in a 100m butterfly race in Rio Olympic 2016. This video could be taken down for copyright infringement anytime soon.