Michael Phelps bids farewell to Olympics in Rio de Janeiro 2016. This was the last time we saw him freestyle, butterfly and relay swim for Gold. Yes, his tally is now 23 gold medals, higher than many countries in fact. The 31 year old swimmer is a legend, since Beijing, where he bagged 8 gold medals in 2008. Dubbed as the albatross in water, Michael Phelps has been one of the most fascinating and fierce competitors in the game.
michael phelps retires rio 2016

The last game was none short of epic, because he tied with 2 others for the Silver medal and was defeated by a Singaporean swimmer and his fan since 2008, the young Joseph Schooling.

Be it Olympics or any other sport, Phelps is a legend and his records will be a feat for new athletes to try and conquer. Phelps on his last press conference after the loss to Schooling said, it is great to retire and see that there are new champions in the game taking it forward. What a great gesture!

Also, he encouraged that more questions should be asked from the star Joseph Schooling, who won that race. His last race might not have been a gold medal race, but he has given us 23 golden moments competing at the Olympics. We are certainly hopeful that new swimmers from not just the USA but around the world will take it on their shoulders to be the next Phelps or even become better.

On Michael Phelps retirement, we just want to say that as long as there is swimming sport in the Olympics, there will be Michael Phelps amazing records.