You can start counting the days before Apple releases its much hyped iPhone 7. So, many of us are wondering whether Apple has something new to offer this time or not. With every new phone they launch, which is pretty much every season, many users and critics are disappointed as there aren’t any surprising elements that gives validation to the hype of its release. iphone-7-dual-speaker-mesh

We can take a step further and say that a lot of people are disappointed and the additional features do not live up to the price that they end up paying. But there are certain things about the iPhone 7 that you are going to love and hate.

We are compiling 10 things that you need to know about iPhone 7.

1: The release date: Yes, it’s finally going to launch in your nearest Apple stores on September 16. The pre-booking can be done online from September 9. So, people who have been waiting anxiously can now be relieved as they have confirmed the date.

2: No difference in price: Apple usually hikes up the price with the release of every iPhone. However, this time we see that the cost of iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 will remain same at a whopping sum of 649 USD for the one with the lowest memory of 32 GB whereas it can rise up to 849 USD for the highest memory of 256 GB. Yes, with iPhone 7 we have the privilege to experience a 256 GB internal memory.

3: iPhone 7 will run on iOS 10: So, we have all heard about the issues faced in iPhone 6s with poor battery life and sluggish performance. Apple had taken that on a serious note and succeeds to deliver high speed and performance OS.

4: Sleeker back cover: We all know about the much famed antenna lines on every iPhone. With the release of iPhone 7, antenna lines can take a back seat as it has been replaced to give the phone a sleeker appearance by overruling the camera space as well. This is believed to decrease the phone thickness.

5: The Apple home button: The distinct feature that sets apart iPhone from any other smartphone is its circle home button in the bottom centre. This will be replaced by a forced capacitive touch button to enhance screen space and make the phone thinner.

6: A10 chip: At last Apple makers came up with a solution for the dreadful battery life. The A10 chipset ensures greater battery life and a speed boost. Let’s hope for the best.

7: 3.5mm jack will be replaced: Apple has allegedly adopted the Lightning port for charging and transmission and Bluetooth connected Earpods will replace the 3.5mm headphone jack. Some rumors also believe that a small portion will be reserved for a 2mm headphone jack, but nothing can be confirmed yet.

8: Wireless charging: There is a lot of speculation on this matter, however, their Chinese vendor Weibo have confirmed the authenticity of wireless charging as they say that like iPad Pro, iPhone 7 will have a smart connector along with a fingerprint scanner and USB-C connector to make the entire experience wireless.

9: Dual camera: So we all know that iPhone has 12 MP primary and 5MP secondary camera in all its models. However, iPhone 7 will have a dual tone flash camera in its rear, which means that there two 12MP camera. The quality and resolution of the image will be HDR and you can be assured to possess the best camera phone in town.

10: Water resistant: Apple has taken a leap with this feature and added features that will keep the phone water resistant up to 30 minutes in a 1.5 meter depth container. Now, isn’t that cool, these are some of the added benefits of investing a lump sum for a smartphone.