As only a few weeks left before Apple Inc’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) most awaited iPhone 7 launch day, there were many rumors as well as leaked information about the iOS smartphone. One of the rumors was about the introduction of dual speakers like we can find in HTC M10. But, the latest leaked schematic, allegedly of iPhone 7’s, revealed that there won’t be any dual speaker integration inside the Apple phone.iphone-7-dual-speaker-mesh

There were multiple reports of Apple’s plans to drop the universal 3.5mm headphone jack and replace the feature via its Lightning port where users can connect the Lightning earphones to listen to music as well as calls.

Hence, many rumors suggested that the empty space where 3.5mm headphone jack once resided will be filled with an additional speaker to make it a dual-speaker iPhone. Some of the reports have also cited an alleged leaked image of the device with two speaker grills placed on either side of the Lightning port placed at the bottom.

Now, according to a French website, which also leaks iPhone information, there is an extra speaker grill at the bottom of the device, but it’s purely cosmetic to maintain the symmetry of the iPhone 7. The schematics’ text, in Chinese, reads, “the vacant area left by the 3.5mm headphone jack on iPhones will be occupied by a microphone as well as a microphone mesh on Apple iPhone 7. It doesn’t mention anything about the extra speaker or whatsoever in that area.


To support this claim, we have analyzed the allegedly leaked design of iPhone 7 case showed by MacRumors, which doesn’t have any cuts at the place of the headphone jacks, except for one side where the microphone resides. However, as these reports are purely rumors, we suspect Apple would not want to waste such spaces just for cosmetic – there is still enough space to add an additional speaker alongside the microphone. The final announcement could surprise the Apple fans who are waiting for the stereo speakers on upcoming smartphone.

Meanwhile, there is a rumor that there won’t be any space gray iPhone 7 released to the market. Instead, the space black variant of iPhone 7 will be launched along with the rose gold and gold iPhones.