OnePlus has been in the news for its smartphones with up-to-date technology – hardware and software. It has managed to maintain its sales figure high despite the heavy competition from the Chinese phone-makers. In the latest incident, the company is facing some severe backlash over the recently released firmware update for its OnePlus 3 flagship device.oneplus-3-oxygenos-update-issues

Last week, OnePlus has sent an OxygenOS 3.2.4 firmware update package of 26MB to its OnePlus 3 devices to fix some bugs. Although the software update fixed some previous issues like auto-restart and call quality problems, the “hotfix patch” update seems to be bringing up some new problems to the device owners as well as the company.

There is an overwhelmingly never-ending stream of bug reports and complaints have been flooded to the official support forum of OnePlus by the users. According to some device owners, Android Pay has stopped working after the software update and they even complain that the auto-brightness issue hasn’t resolved with this update.

OnePlus 3 users in the UK and Asian countries have also complained about the unstable LTE network issue following the update. It’s still unclear whether only the devices sold in the UK and Asian countries are facing this problem or not. Many of these users are having the handset with the model number A3003.

A user, Bryan91u, has reported:

After the 3.2.4 update, mine does not stay on LTE nor 4G. It was able to detect LTE for less than a min and change to 3g and 2g. Tried to do an internet speed test the second it was on LTE, but speed test wasn’t even able to detect the server and straight turn to 3G/2G. Please fix this. Phone without LTE is pretty useless.

However, there is an alternate workaround for the LTE dropping issues on OnePlus 3 as pointed by a user here. All you have to do is – open the dialer, enter *#*#4636#*#* and then in Phone information, tap Preferred network type and select LTE only. But, a few users say this hasn’t worked for them, some are satisfied with this workaround.

A few more bugs such as auto-focus not working in the front facing camera, notification breaking in the Doze mode, and the invisible Quadrooter vulnerability is still present in OnePlus 3 handsets, after the OxygenOS 3.2.4 update. It’s expected that the Quadrooter issue will be resolved in the August security patch update.