The USA Warns Its Allies & Other Fronts To Watch Out, As Mosuls Area ShrinkingIn Mosul, Iraq, the US authorities on Saturday, has asked its allies in the battlefield to watch out for friendlies, as the city’s area is shrinking as the IS groups have been moved back or dying, so friendly fires must be avoided.

The Iraqi Prime Minister has declared the end of Islamic Group, but the battle is still on in the country, though there are very few places are left to sweep before capturing the whole nation. The Iraqi forces will push a big time on the IS fighters on Saturday morning, which will decide how many days it needs to end the half decades-long civil war.

As per the reports, the US Army Col. Pat Work have summoned the generals or heads of the Iraqi Army, federal police, and the Iraqi Special Forces, to set up perimeters, which for not to get influenced by the battle and draw a friendly fire on each other.

All the forces from the Iraqi side have been will get in a big front to achieve, as the Old City is ready to “fall from the hands of terrible,” which allows them to confuse the friendly parties on the other side, and this situation is what the American colonel is asking to prevent.

The new battlefield involving all the branches, which are involving in the same battle but on different fronts, and thus it might get confused, so proper communication devices are must to set up contacts in between and avoid friendly fire situations.