Facebooks Aquila Complete Second Outing Successfully Without Any CrashLast summer, Facebook announced its ambitious project named “Aquila” which is an internet-beaming drone that will allow people to connect to the internet even in the remote region on this planet. Though, in the last year itself, the first ever flight of Aquila came to a disaster, as the unmanned aerial vehicle came down which the world would call it as a ‘crash,’ but Facebook stated that the drone didn’t crash, in fact, it landed heavily.

Later the company stated the flight team experienced some structural failure when they were about to test the drone’s first flight, which was also clarified further when they set an investigation about the incident. After the investigation, agents described the accident as a slight structural failure along with difficult windy conditions, which was unable to keep the drone on the air for long.

Now on this Thursday, Facebook revealed their second attempt to fly the drone for a long time was successful, which was done in last month, but it was after various changes in the structural design as well in the technical department. The unmanned aircraft flew for 1 hour and 46 minutes, which marked the first success of the internet company’s ambitious project, and opened doors to a new type of innovation.

According to the Facebook’s director of aeronautical platforms, Martin Luis Gomez, who made a statement on the success, he said the post modifications done on Aquila’s design were very significant.

Still, it will take much time to open for customers, as more tests will be conducted on it.