NASAs Orbiter Took Photo Of Mars, Dubbed It As The Niagara Falls Of MarsOn Thursday, the space giant NASA has released one of the several photos of Mars’ surface which was taken from the MRO (Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter), and they dubbed the 3D image as the “Niagara Falls of Mars.” The photo shows a portion of the ancient lava bed that behaved like water in liquid state, which was the past of the very place which has now changed due to time with the cooling effect on that specific place.

After NASA’s Orbiter rotates along the red planet’s orbit, since then the agency has started naming the planet’s regions, and the photo was taken which is in the western portion of the location known as Tharsis Volcanic province.

It shows cooled lava enclosed the crater rim, which ultimately reaching the depression rim at four positions, and these locations create the lava falls, that is now frozen in the region. The exact location of these four falls is all lies in the northern section, excluding one which is in the northwest section of the region.

In another angle, which shows a quite close-up spitting image that shows the uneven-surfaced lava flow to the north, and then at a thin point, it breached the crater wall. While the other follows the same but at different angles, which will need more research on the particular discovery, said by a NASA’s spokesperson.

The MRO is in orbit for quite long, as it was launched in the year 2005, and since then it sends to different observatories pictures of the red earth, but this one is a new.