Nowadays People Overthink & Post Too Much On Social Media, Say Florida PoliceIn Lakeland, Florida, the city police authorities have placed a warning to people to check thoroughly before posting anything on social media. It was when a man who was trying to help a lost toddler, but the so-called social media lovers have twisted the fact and held the man guilty.

The people posted disparagingly about the man on social media and even termed the person as a kidnapper, which just twisted the real story into a kidnapping post. Thus, the police ordered to stop this kind of behavior online, unless they have to take steps to stop these virtual barbarisms.

According to the Lakeland Police report, where it mentioned a 2-year old girl child wandered on her way back to home, it seems that the girl got separated from her parents during a softball game on last Saturday at Southwest Sports Complex.

When a man, who was present there with a Polk Sheriff’s Office Deputy, he saw the child was wandering around, which is not safe for her over the place. Thus, the man approached her and asked about her parents, but she couldn’t say anything, so he took the child in arms and started looking for her parents.

It was then, the father, Austin Strickland, along with the mother saw the kid, and thought the worst then attacked the man, without knowing anything, Strickland started punching the man several times.

Soon the story leaked online, and creates a menace by other people looking for the man; thus the Lakeland Police condemned the post and gave warning about posting anything online.