Facebook, Inc (Nasdaq:FB) has copied the Snapchat Stories and introduced the same feature (of course, shamelessly) on Instagram as Instagram Stories. Like Instagram photos, You could also watch these Instagram Stories on your desktop as well, but with a minor workaround.instagram-stories-browser

Facebook has been the target of critics for shamelessly copying every tech they find from the competitors. And, it defends the move by saying that many other tech companies copied Facebook’s innovation, so it’s not a crime – it’s just implementing the innovation to keep users happy and increase the user retention.

OK, let’s come to the topic. As you know, you could login to your Instagram accounts on desktop website as well. But, the desktop version restricts you from posting photos and viewing Instagram Stories of your friends as well as yours. In order to view Instagram Stories, you should follow these tips:

Note: As of now, this will only work on Google Chrome browser.

You should download a Chrome Extension named Chrome IG Story. Go to this link and download and select “add to chrome” button at the top right corner of the window. After installing it, open Instagram and you will see the Instagram Stories similar to the mobile app. Now, click on it and watch any available Stories.