This August all RTS game lovers can go on a conquest with Ubisoft’s Champions of Anteria as it comes to PC. The trailer shows Anteria becomes a brand new franchise and it will be a challenging game to play. Blue Byte the developers of The Settlers: Kingdom of Anteria game wrote an open letter about the situation which you can read here at Ubisoft’s official announcement blog.

Watch Anteria reborn as Champions of Anteria in this brand new trailer and goduel enemies and liberate your motherland with your squad of champions from Anteria. The single player strategy game, Champions of Anteria brings a new feature called Active Pause, where they have revolutionized player strategy, giving you the ability to pause this live action game any moment and tweak your plan of action against the enemy.

What makes this game a treat in the trailer is the narrative. 5 Champions of Anteria are aligned beautifully in the story and it captures the essence of fighting for your motherland’s liberation so well.

According to the Creative Director of the game, Mihnea Dragoman, all five champions have special magical abilities that are similar to 5 elements of earth namely fire, metal, nature, lightning, and water. You can enjoy combo of these abilities and do a lot of damage to your opponents also having similar powers.

You can buy Champions of Anteria for $29.99 via Steam and Uplay on August 30.

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