In New Orleans, Louisiana, authorities of the city remove the first prominent Confederate monument of total four monuments, from the Southern city under cover of darkness on this Monday, to symbolize the downfall of white supremacy in the country.

According to the reports made by various news media, after midnight around 1:25 am large trucks and cranes came near the Canal Street of the city, to demolish the Liberty Monuments that symbolized white supremacy in the civil war.

It was said that this monument shows the power of the white people and their importance in the post-civil war era. This situation makes no sense right now, and it considers as a racial subject with the Black Americans, who are also fought in the post-civil war with same dignity and courage.

It is the workers who have chosen to work this up in the dark, as many people who protests to stop the destruction of American history are not tolerable to them, and even many have made death threats to the workers who ever will be in the demolition team. As per the Mayor of New Orleans Mitch Landrieu, who made a brief statement after the demolition, and says this one the Liberty Monument is the most racist out of the other three monuments.

This was first out of four, which means more four such racial monuments are there to be demolished, and the authorities believe this one was easiest, but the others will not be, as the protesters will guard others even at night.