In Kansas City, Missouri, a woman lost her daughter on last Wednesday, when a man killed her, and it was the same place which was named after her younger daughter who also died nearby to the place in 1999 when she was just 10-years-old.

Police had issued a large manhunt for a man who commits murder of a 34-year-old woman and fled the place, but later the man was found in a house and after an overnight standoff with the Kansas City Police.

The criminally charged man named Emenencio Lansdown, who surrendered after a standoff against the police force without anyone getting hurt. The police charged the accused with second-degree murder, with a criminal possession of an illegal firearm, which was used in the killing of the 34-year-old woman named Casey Eaton. Lansdown used his firearm to killed Eaton in front of her house, but later her body was found in a vehicle besides a playground which was named after Eaton’s sister Pamela Butler.

According to the old reports, Butler was killed when she was just 10-year-old, in October 1999, after being kidnapped by an accused named Keith Nelson, which happens in the Kansas City home in Kansas. Nelson had taken Butler into the dense woodlands of outskirts of Kansas City, Missouri, where he raped her and later killed her by strangulation with speaker wires.

Both of the victim’s from same mother Cherri West was now devastated, like her, another daughter died near the same place where her daughter got kidnapped 18 years ago.