Washington Mall Shooting Accused Is Found Dead In His Jail Cell On Sunday EveningIn Mount Vernon, Washington, the man who was charged with murdering of five people in the Cascade Mall, which is in Burlington, near to the north of Seattle in the states of Washington, was found dead in his jail cell on this Sunday evening, says jail authorities.

It also comes to know when the officials revealed the cause of death, which is due to strangulation by hanging inside his jail cell, and the guards were the first to discover the killer’s body in the next morning. The name of the now deceased suspect was Arcan Cetin, who was just a 20-year-old young adult, and here his death is apparently seeing by the police investigators as a case of pure suicide, which is done due to avoid the prosecutions in court.

Both Cetin’s attorney and his opponent prosecutor were unaware of the incident until they were informed by the police officials later, but it was cleared that the case was not in his favor, and this situation was bound to occur, said by the Skagit County Prosecutor Rich Weyrich.

According to the report, on the day when mall incident occurred, at first after Cetin’s emergence inside the mall, he shot a teenaged girl, and then it follows a man and along with three women on the Sept. 23rd. On the other hand, the police arrest the man after 30 years, near to the accused’s apartment.

It was known later from the suspect’s family and friends; the man was suffered from psychiatric problems.