The iPhone 7 which was leaked back months ago is again in news of its leaking by an assembly instructor. There was a leak of diagram of the upcoming Apple series. The first leak of these paper diagrams was seen in China.
iPhone flash documents

The paper diagrams were a bit odd as the first diagram was showing D12 LED and Strobe lens after the leak. I don’t recognize what they are referring here about the strobe lens, but probably it is the back camera.

The LED part of the camera is interesting. Letting the cat out of the bag about the front flash according to the news it might be present. But, according to the images delivered it is not showing any feature like this. Hence, it means D12 might be just referring to the screen. The front camera might be advancing up to 5 megapixels.iPhone flash

The other display remains identical to the old iPhone 6 and 6s with the same blueprint. It has a slight redesign of the antenna lines and the amputation of the headphone which has a jack. If these text files are correct, then its claims that the iPhone 7`s headphones will plug directly into the lightening port.

Hence, iPhone 7 is much likely be released in September along with the sibling iPhone 7 plus. The anticipated price of the releasing iPhone might be EURO 540.

Hence, wait for the Apple phone will sting in the tummy like a butterfly until it releases in the month of September.