At An Ohio Party, Nine People Got Shot On Sunday Morning, Says The PoliceIn North Columbus, Ohio, on an early Sunday, shooting takes place in an ongoing party and hit nine people, but eventually, no one died in the incident, all are wounded, and some were in critical condition while others were not, says police.

The unimaginable shooting incident occurs in the early Sunday morning, and thus no one was able to know what was going on, and not even the police who still didn’t get any clue on the suspect, so they couldn’t take the suspect into their custody.

According to the police, the gunfire erupted after 3 a.m. at the J&R Party Hall in a posh area of North Columbus, and all the victims were wounded without any fatalities. The police also confirmed that there was one person who was in critical condition, and this person along with few others among the nine was rushed to the hospital by ambulance.

Whereas, the remaining victims were able to get transported to the health care center by their vehicles for minor checkups, and then discharged by the hospital authorities. But the one who was critically injured is still in the intensive care unit, and still time to recover, but the police officials still not disclosed the name of this critical patient along with its gender.

While investigating the shooting sight, the detective department of North Columbus police found the trace of multiple shooters who entered to this Ohio party hall, and still, they haven’t disclosed the description of the suspects, along with their motives.