NASAs Next Onwards Deep-Space Explorations Will Rely on Its Commercial PartnersOver the few years, NASA has been criticized for not have sufficient funding and the right technology to send its astronauts to space, have now says it is looking up to its various commercial partners for the next onwards deep-space explorations, such as exploring the solar system.

According to the statement made by the National Aeronautics & Space Administration, their all future deep-space exploration plans are being relied on the commercial partners, which help in moving a new step towards the Mars’ human explorations.

It is also explained as the right amount of answer to all the criticisms it faced in recent months, because of its failed exploration plans, along with the other space agencies are going ahead of it in certain fields. Since the inauguration of NASA, it is been funded 100% by the US government, and now it feels to have a private-sector that will able to held the organization from the back with its financial supports.

In order to all the NASA’s future exploration plans that includes reaching on Mars by human explorers by the late 2030s, along with the establishments of Mars’ first ever human settlements, which will be by 2040s or later the decade. The space giant also has the motives to call upon the foreign space organizations to make progress in the Mars program.

On the other hand, the head of NASA’s human exploration office has written a letter to the US inspector general that the organization is willing to approach private companies to become a partner in future space explorations.