The Cupertino giant, Apple has filed a patent for the a new wearable device (name yet to be unveiled), which helps the users to monitor the electrocardiographic signal of a human body. The device might be a ring, a watch or might a pendant or a bracelet and is capable of detecting the electrocardiographic measurements on a human body. The company has made a drastic move in the medical field, which will surely move the company ahead in its revenue. apple-patent-new-device-aperturegames

On Friday, the patent application was published US Patent and Trademark Office, which shows that the company want to own a patent for a new wearable device, which can monitor and detect the electrocardiographic signal on a human body. The device could be any form of wearable material such as a ring, a brooch or a watch or even a pendant.

The abstract of the patent application, is mentioned as,

A wearable device configured to acquire and process electrocardiographic measurements, detect lead inversion and correct the acquired measurements for lead inversion is provided.

As per the patent filed by the company, the device can be affixed to the wrist or ankle of the homo sapiens, as an instance. The device might be worn on left or right side of the user’s hand or user’s ankle. Irrespective of the place, where the device is affixed, it will measure the relative measurements of electrocardigraphic signals.

By filing the patent, Apple leads ahead in the battle of wearable. The device might be integrated into the Apple Watch, and helps the users to get various notifications on regular interval of time. In the meanwhile, other companies such as LG, Samsung and Sony were in lag, while comparing to the tech titans. As consolidated, Apple Watch made a logical progression in the wearable market.

After, the patent is published by the US Patent and Trademark Office, the stock rose by 0.2% on the stock market today late morning.