United Airline offers compensation, say passengersA total of three Aviation officers of the Chicago Department are on leave following the incident that turned into a nightmare for United. In the middle of the plummeting stocks and boycott threats, the footage newly released seems to contradict Oscar Munoz’s, the United CEOs claim that Dr. David Dao’s hostility compelled officers to forcibly remove him.

Meanwhile, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has called for a suspension to the practice of overbooking. Christie’s state shows special interest in the practices of United’s and this is because he said the airline at Newark Liberty International Airport controls nearly 70% of the flights.

Christie told CNN’s “To have somebody pay for a ticket, reserve a seat, be seated and dragged off the plane physically by law enforcement officers is outrageous”. He also pointed out that”With United, the customer is always last.”

Munoz came under fire for praising employees after the incident and for not issuing an apology to Dao for two days. However, by Wednesday, his tone took a remorseful turn. Munoz told “That is not the way our family at United is. And it was a bad moment”.

That bad moment made Dao scream as he was pulled off on Sunday night from an oversold flight. Passengers said blood trickled from his mouth as he hit his head on an armrest.

When Munoz saw footage of the passenger getting yanked violently off one of his planes, he said: shame.

The CEO promised to never again let a law enforcement remove “a booked, paid, seated passenger,” from a plane. He also said he tried to reach the passenger directly to apologize.