After More Than 24 Years, The US Troops Are Entering Into The Lands Of SomaliaIn Mogadishu, Somalia, the US Department of Defense is set to send over dozens of their regular personnel into the terror-active lands of Somalia, and this marked the largest of such types of US deployment after more than two decades in the region.

According to reports, it was more than 24 years, when the US troops were pulled out from the war-torn nation of Somalia, and those troops were quickly removed from the country soon after the incident happened in 1993. This was when a mission to extract political members of the terror regime Somali National Alliance (SNA) under Mohamed Farrah Aidid, but after the SNAs had perished the two helicopters, the mission turned into a rescue operation.

The situation worsened, as the American pilots from the fallen helicopters were dragged through the streets and tortured inhumanly, and due to the presence of nearby UN peacekeepers the other American troops’ lives were saved.

The aftermath of the near failed mission, the US government withdrew from the war-torn nation of Somalia, and this year after the Trump government came into power, decided to join the fight with the Somali soldiers. This time, the US troops are going to be deployed in the region only for logistics training for the Somalia’s Army, as they are getting pinned down while fighting with the massively active militant group of al-shabaab, and because of supplies.

The new president of Somalia, Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed have asked for the US help as they declared a massive strike on the militant groups.