A New York Movie Theater Worker Got Stabbed While A Movie Was Just EndingIn New York, a local teenager who had just started to work in a movie theater located in the city was stabbed to death while end credits were rolling of a movie on Saturday, as per the police said.

The victim was just 19-year-old, and he died due to some arguments, as it came to know that the young adult was arguing with another man in the lobby of the movie theater named, De Lux Multiplex, which is located in the Ridge Hill. It was said the argument roused to violence as the other man, who is tagged as a murderer now, whipped out a knife from his pocket and stabbed the young worker directly in the chest which caused the Yonkers death.

The incident occurred at 12:44 am, and there was a house full of people which were screening a midnight show, and it was just the end of the movie, as its post-credits were rolling out when the fatal knife incident took place.

The audience presents inside the movie theater have taken several videos which have been gone viral on the social media, as it shows several quick responders to the incident were rushed to save the stabbed victim. The responders rushed the unknown stabbed victim into the nearby Lawrence Hospital in Bronxville, where he was pronounced dead soon after the victim was taken inside the medical facility.

The police have set for a manhunt in the scenario, and they suspect a 6 feet tall man who is gaunt in physical.