Microsoft is applying significant changes in a bunch explaining how users set up PCs powered by Windows 10. This setup process is involved with OS and is increasingly becoming easier in the recent times. However with Windows 10 update that can be installed by downloading now has helped the users as they may use voice commands to get their PCs running.

Cortana is engaged in setting up Windows 10 PCs, with the guiding users through the steps required to get their machines up and running. Here you can know how to set up your PC using Cortana.

How to Use Cortana to Set Up Windows 10
Brand-new PCs will be shipping Windows 10 Creators Update out of the box that will include Cortana in the setup process, with the digital assistant who will be guiding users through the initial steps to get started. This will help the user connect to Wi-Fi networks and also to sign in to a Microsoft account, for instance.

The Push For Voice Control
Cortana is voice-enabled digital assistant of Microsoft, keeping in competition with Apple’s Siri, Google’s Assistant, and Amazon’s Alexa. The latter is found on households using Amazon’s Echo line of smart speakers. Recently, Amazon made Alexa available on the iPhone and this may threaten Siri.

The three companies are ferrying their voice assistants to complement keyboard or mouse input, but Alexa is hands-free. Of course, the key companies are going deep into this technology, yet there is a ways to prefer voice control by shunning keyboards or mouse for voice commands.