Years and years, DC movies have faced a rough time with the immense range of criticism. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is not an exception to that. Yeah, the death of Batman has made a big thought in the mind of every moviegoer. And this time, Suicide Squad brought us several layers of information, which one should know about the Batman/Joker fights. harley-quinn-suicide-squad

The movie Suicide Squad brought us a number of super villains right from Deadshot to Enchantress. The introduction of Task Force X includes, Margot Robbie, who got the first-ever introduction to the audience as Harley Quinn. Right from the starting, she stole almost each and every scene of the movie, wherever she comes on the screen. The character brought us a little insight about the death of Robin in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

For a year, the death of Robin made a little discrepancy all over the time. As a fact mentioned in the comics, we all knew that the Joker was responsible for the death of Robin. The movie, Suicide Squad brought us a doubt whether anyone from the Squad would have helped Joker to kill Robin. If yes, why it should be Harley Quinn?.

From the movie, we can judge that Harley Quinn is in Hate and Love with Joker. And also, the movie reveals the past of Harley, and how she has fallen in love with Joker. The entire scene was very fast, and it seems like “blink-and-you’ll-miss-it” moment.

Yes, it is. From the entire scenes of Harley Quinn, we can easily judge that our breakout star would have her hand in the death of Robin. And also, we can suggest that without the help of Harley Quinn, Robbin death would haven’t happened.