GTA, Grand Theft Auto series’ 6th edition is being currently developed at Rockstar Games, the successful studio confirmed. It is amazing to see this announcement and we are bringing you all you need to know about GTA 6. This exclusive update came as a part of an earning reports announcements where the studio also told the eager fans that it is coming soon.
gta 6 update

There is no trailer or even a sneak peek yet, but we will soon be playing the game we love. GTA 5 was the best and biggest video games that ruled the charts all over the globe. This success will be repeated because the company is taking its sweet time to bring another home run to its closet of achievements.

The much coveted title and franchise of Rockstar Games has earned them multi million dollars. Other details will be revealed soon, but as the great fiscal reports suggest gaming fans will surely get a bigger and better crime game to play and enjoy. Keeping tight lipped is best to avoid any rumours and we also did not see any update on the popular gaming forums. Let us just think of it as a sign of GTA Online and beyond.

GTA world AND Rockstar Games are totally expanding for good. When do you think the trailer will be out? Any tips or comments, tell us now.