In Corpus Christi, the Texas, the police authority of South Texas have arrested a father, just a few hours after his son, who is a two years old found his loaded gun and shoots himself in his head and died instantly.

According to the Corpus Christi Police authorities, the 22-year-old father, named Eric Javier Morales has been put into the bar as he was charged with ‘criminally negligence homicide,’ whose careless act let the 2-year-old found the loaded gun on a kitchen table and shoots himself fatally.

The spokesperson and officer in charge of the case Gena Pena says, this case could’ve been prevented if the father was just a bit more taken care with his gun, but now he is being charged in a case which is only because of his negligence and nothing else. The police reports also said that the accused Morales is being held at the Nueces County Jail, and waits for further directions.

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Officer Pena also said that the child who shot himself was along as his father was not in the home, as it was on a Sunday morning, and Morales was out on some purpose. But, the mother along with a sibling of the 2-year-old boy was present inside the house when the incident happened, and Morales was called as the boy was rushed to the hospital. And, he met them directly to the hospital, while there in the hospital Morales was being charged by the police officer, who was investigating the case.