Google Self Driving Car project has had a major setback with the Cheif Technical Officer of the the Project Chris Urmson leaving the company. Chris Urmson was appointed as the CTO after Sebastian Thrun quit in 2013. He has worked with the Google Self Driving Car team for more than 7 years and his sudden decision to leave the project as unexpected to some. Chris Urmson was a research scientist at the Carnegie Mellon University and the self driving car was his secret project of the majors. Chris Urmson has been with Google since 2009.

According to the reports, the Google Self Driving Car project will from now on be treated as a separate entity. The reports also have it that John Krafick of Hyundai America will now head the project. There is no doubt of the fact that the Google Self Driving Car project has the potential of revolutionizing the automobile industry, but at the current state, there is hardly any commercialization possible for the project.

Reports have it that the Google Self Driving Car project has been under pressure from the parent company with regards to growth and means of profit. Reportedly, Chris Urmson was not happy with how things were turning out. Many individuals are considering this to be one of the primary reasons behind the exit of Urmson.

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In a blog post Chris Urmson has stated, “Now, 1.8 million miles of autonomous driving later, I’ve decided the time is right to step down and find my next adventure. Today will be my last day on the project as CTO.” He also added, “After leading our cars through the human equivalent of 150 years of driving and helping our project make the leap from pure research to developing a product that we hope someday anyone will be able to use, I am ready for a fresh challenge.”