Microsoft released the latest update for its operating system Windows 10. It was released on the occasion of completion of 1 year of Windows 10. The update was released on 29 July. Windows 10 expanded on Metro style apps, live tiles were improved, Cortana and a new Microsoft browser was added.
windows 10 anniversary update

Windows 10 incorporates start-up menu of Windows 7 and live tiles of Windows 8. It received mixed reviews. Some bugs were reported which were solved by many updates. Lets discuss about this new Anniversary update.


New Security Features-
There is a new Windows Hello feature which increases the windows apps and Microsoft Edge browser. This update allows other companion devices to use Windows Hello to unlock your PC. An improvement to Windows Defender app has also been made. The update also provides for enterprise data protection which is very helpful for business organisations.

More productive Cortana-
Cortana which is a digital assistant is now available even with lock screen. You can set up reminder, play music without unlocking your PC. Cortana also gives notifications across all the devices you have connected with Cortana.

Windows Ink-
Windows Ink brings the writing you do everyday into the digital world. It provides the options of Smart Sticky Notes, drawing custom routes in maps, sketching on a screenshot etc.

Improved Microsoft Edge-
Power efficiency has been improved in Edge browser. The new update will lead to power saving, consumption of less memory and many other options. Features such as Ad Block, Pin it button has also been added. Now Microsoft Edge supports certain web standards, such as HTML5, CSS3, and ARIA. The browser looks more presentable now.

A Gamers’ delight-
With the new update, now you can play a game on both Windows 10 PC and Xbox One with shared progress, shared points, and shared achievements. Gamers can use Cortana commands to find information about new titles. There will be Language region Independence as well which was demanded by many fans.

Final Thoughts –
The new update has also received mixed reviews but it has been called refreshing by some users.

Start menu has been modified a bit.
Stylish user interface.
Universal apps well on Hybrid devices.
Windows Ink is the best feature; it is the focal point of this update.

Some desktop apps still need to be updated for Touch screen feature.
It looks a bit incomplete.
Costly for those who are ineligible for free update.