In Dayton, Ohio, the US Air Force have planned to use its historical bomber aircraft, the B-25 “Mitchell” in flying position over the Ohio National Museum, to mark the anniversary of another historic air raid on Japan from World War II. This will be the 75th anniversary of the air raid, and thus, there will be 17 B25 bombers will fly, to celebrate the historic event.

These B-25 bombers were introduced into the US military service in 1941 by the North American Aviation Company, and play crucial roles in the war, which made the military a feared opponent for American enemies. The aircraft is a medium bomber, and it also remained in the service after the World War II, and because of its capability it stays in the service for more than three decades, becomes a historical figure when it was being retired in the 1970s.

On April 18, these old figures will rule the skies and rumble over the Daytona area, because on this exact date just 75 years ago, 80 airmen, who were then popularly known as the Doolittle Tokyo Raiders had launched a critical strike on the Japanese capital of Tokyo. The bombers took off from the deck of the aircraft carrier USS Hornet, and this was one of a kind air raid from an aircraft carrier in that era.

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According to a report, the only remaining member of that squadron, Lt. Col. Richard Cole, who is a 101-year-old now, will make his presence in the ceremony to mark the anniversary with a more nostalgic feel.