iPhone 6 to 6s, you must be wondering what new features have been added and is it any better? Well, though the upgradation does not come with major changes and features, instead, a lot of people have been facing a lot of issues with the iOS and the Apple’s much delighted launch of iPhone 6s. iPhone-6s

Do not worry, we are listing here the most common 11 iPhone 6s problems and how to fix them.

  1. The fuss about 3D touch

There was a lot of speculation regarding the 3D touch feature in iPhone 6s. However, a lot of users had trouble using it.

Solution: Make sure that the 3D touch feature is turned ON in the accessibility setting. If you still face problems, then reset all the settings, so that your iPhone 6s has factory version settings in which 3D touch is enabled.

  1. The age old complaint about battery life

There are two mutants of the A9 chip in the battery of iPhone 6s. The problem is that both are made from different manufacturers: TMSC and Samsung. The Samsung is said to have consumed almost an hour of battery life.

Solution: You can detect the problem of knowing which A9chip you have. An app called Lirium Device Info Lite will tell you if you have TMSC or Samsung A9 chip. Other methods would be to change the settings into low power consumption mode.

  1. Home button is heated

The home ID button seems extremely heated at times, which doesn’t allow the home screen to be switched on. This problem is faced usually after the phone is charged.

Solution: Some basic solution is to let the iPhone 6s unused for sometime until it cools down on its own. The other one would be to simply press the home button and sleep/wake button simultaneously for 10 seconds to cool the device.

  1. Frequent shutdowns

Some iPhone 6s users have also grieved about random shutdowns.

Solution: Reboot your phone by holding the home button and sleep/wake button together. You can also go to settings and factory reset your phone to make it brand new.

  1. Bad picture quality in low-light

Because of the Live Photos feature, the picture quality is compromised.

Solution: If you have noticed there are three yellow circles above when you are using the camera, if you click on those then Live Photos is turned off.

  1. Speaker issues

Earplugs cause uneven and distorted sounds and also the volume level keep changing randomly.

Solution: You can try taking a look at your EQ settings in Music to see if the levels are even. If you face, voice distortion in some apps, then you can check if you have fully updated them.

  1. GPS drag

A lot of iPhone 6s users have complained that they can’t fix the GPS problem.

Solution: You can try and turn off LTE 4G and instead go to settings and turn on 3G. This usually improves the GPS performance.

  1. Bluetooth connectivity glitch

Some iPhone 6s users found that Bluetooth was disconnecting frequently, while it wasn’t working at all for others.

Solution: Reset your network settings. If it doesn’t help, then remove all old pairings and scan for devices.

  1. WiFi connectivity issues

WiFi doesn’t stay for long or the device doesn’t allow connectivity.

Solution: Turn your iPhone 6s in the airplane mode and turn it back off. If this doesn’t help, then reboot your iPhone 6s.

  1. Apple ID verification

It is annoying for iPhone 6s users when the Apple ID verification keeps popping up on their screen.

Solution: You can try signing out from both iCloud and iTunes and App store. Or just make sure you have your software updated.

  1. Safari causes lag

Their patent designed Safari has been troubling users as it freezes on click.

Solution: Many would recommend using Google Chrome instead. Or you can change your advanced settings to Javascript.

I hope we helped you solve some major issues with your iPhone 6s device. Leave a comment for us if you have any other queries.