In Palmetto, Florida, just a weeks before a Floridian woman went missing and later on she was found dead, and on this Sunday, the police have reported that the boyfriend of the now dead person’s daughter will be charged with murder.

According to the police investigators, the killing of the 47-year-old Tricia Freeman was confessed by her daughter’s boyfriend, Roy Nichols Jr., who is a 26-year-old, the incident sparked due to an argument at Freeman’s home in the county.

As per the Palmetto Police Chief Scott Tyler, who made a statement to the reporters, which states that the accused murder Nichols Jr. also been said that the middle-aged lady Freeman have said something and it made the accused got out of controlled, and he couldn’t stop himself.

As a result, the accused, Nichols Jr. killed his girlfriend’s mother in front of her, and even the 21-year-old daughter of Freeman, Kayla Colyer, have been helped her boyfriend to get rid of the dead body. At first, they put the corpse inside the car, and then they placed the vehicle at a park nearby to prevent suspicions.

The fugitive couple was caught by the police on Saturday, at a truck stop in the nearby Cabell County, and they were caught for just two to three reasons, and one of them is a clerk recognized them at a gas station. The police have been reported the couple as the fugitives and according to that they reveal the description of the accused on TV, and now both will face trial.