In New York, a man is blamed for crushing a person under the wheels of a stolen ambulance, while the victim is a medic from the fire department. The accused is in denial that he has killed a fire department official, and his lawyer also said that the man behind the wheel is mentally ill and didn’t know what he was doing.

As the colleagues of the late victim Yadira Arroyo, who was a technician in the Fire Department Emergency Medical Service said, they are very much sad about the incident and asked for justice to Arroyo. The mourned colleagues also said that Arroyo was a devoted servicewoman as she was in the service for more than 14 years, a mother of five children as well as a mother-like figure to some of her co-workers.

The 25-year-old accused, Jose Gonzalez, jumped onto an ambulance’s driver seat, which was of Arroyo’s, and ran over her, and the reason of him to steal the vehicle as a man on the street accused Gonzalez that he stole the man’s backpack and ran, as per the police officials. The accused was blubbering that “he is an innocent and didn’t do anything,” while he was escorted by the police to the police station while surrounded by the angry fire department officials.

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According to the police officials, the accused was high on drugs during the incident, and it was also come to know that the person was a member of a group of homeless single adults just a month ago.