iPhone 6 to iPhone 6s, curiosity rises yet again revolving around the additional features that Apple has come up with this time. Let’s just say that iPhone 6s has many special features under its name. Although, iPhone 6s looks precisely similar to iPhone 6, it has made subtle changes in its hardware and software built to leave you wanting for more. iPhone 6s hasn’t compromised in any way and has made sure that all the glitches and issues with iPhone 6 has been straightened out. iPhone-6-ios-9.3.3

The age old battery problem is solved in iPhone 6s, well, not completely as customers still continue to complain about poor battery performance. For starters, there will no problem, but as the device ages a bit, the battery performance becomes sluggish and slow. There are ways to optimize the battery performance by going to settings and tapping on the Low Power Mode option. Even though Low Power Mode boosts the battery performance for a while, this isn’t the permanent solution. The automatic system of charging turns off the Low Power Mode, when the battery percentage reaches 80%.

The new 3D touch feature is believed to be suffering a bit because of battery issues. Some customers have stated that they haven’t been privileged enough to use the 3D touch feature as it isn’t working in their iPhone 6s.

The movie and music experience has turned out to be amazing for iPhone 6s users. It is because the device runs on iOS 9 platform and is capable of supporting high definition videos and games. The benefit doesn’t end here, as the resolution of iPhone 6s is brilliant and video streaming or using apps like Netflix and YouTube have become an enjoyable experience. The downloaded movies and videos are streamed in high resolution and the quality of it is high end.

Nothing beats the Apple Music and with help of Siri you can listen any kind of music you like anytime you like. The audio system of iPhone 6s is rather impressive and be assured to get lost into a world where the music takes you. There is a small yet very talked about feature in which an connecting a headphone to the 3.5mm jack or listening wirelessly, the lock screen pops up your favorite music app from which you can start streaming live music.

iPhone 6s runs on a iOS 9 platform which is upgradable to iOS 9.3.3, which means a smooth and fast performance of functions in your iPhone 6s. The processor is a dual core 1.84 GHz Twister, which is considered to be better than Cyclone, with such an amazing processor iPhone 6s is sure to run smoothly and efficiently without any lag or complaints about the system hanging up.

It has a 2GB internal RAM, which is Apple’s fixed memory slot. No surprise here either as iPhone 6s doesn’t come with a MicroSD slot.

The camera just couldn’t get better, it is undeniably the next best thing about a phone that boosts so many special features. 12MP primary and 5MP secondary camera with features like excellent low-light pictures, geo-tagging, FaceTime, iSight, HDR recording, face and smile detection.

The security remains super tight with the fingerprint scanner. Stay relieved as no one can intrude on your privacy easily. It has better screen resolution, even in sunlight as many phones fail to display brightness when exposed to sunlight. It comes in various colors. With the addition of rose gold in iPhone SE, it has become a popular choice for many. The colors available for iPhone 6s are space gray, silver, gold and rose gold. The apps work smoothly as long as there aren’t any overheating or 3D touch issues. With its strong body and display and a sharp and high-end display screen, the apps and gaming experience is astounding and has lived up to the expectations.