In a blog post, Jonathan Zdziarski, the renowned iPhone security expert posts his statement, which shows his gratitude and appreciation for the Apple Company for hiring him again, but not just iPhone. This is one of the most unexpected and unusual posts on a blog by an employee of a company who has just been posted to a bigger part of the same company.

According to records about Zdziarski, he is one of the most important people for Apple nowadays, and he is one of the people who stood for Apple in its many battles with others. Zdziarski is the one who notifies Apple when it was exporting unencrypted version iOS, and he also makes Apple aware that Facebook’s iOS code as malware, and recently, when Apple had a proxy war with the FBI, he have been the important source of information to them.

Zdziarski’s statement on the blog states that he was very excited to announce news about his application has been accepted for a position in Apple’s Security Engineering and Architecture team. This also encouraged him to work more, with more enthusiasm and passion in a department that he dreamt of, with all of its security and privacy sections.

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Zdziarski was always a prominent and true employee to Apple Inc., and this makes his strong point. Zdziarski was a part of customer privacy and strong encryption for only the iPhones, and now it is the generosity of the tech giant to promote its one of the best and totally dedicated employee.