Everything has a good and a bad aspect the heavy snow fall in the eastern coast of the United States of America has made the locals really happy on one side and on the other side has bought the airline industry to a standstill. Around 8000 flights were canceled one after another as the layer of snow filled the runways like never before.

It is risky to make flights takeoff and land when such a storm is going on in the states as the tiers may slip and the flight may not be able to stop and may have an accident. This is a precautionary measure for sure but yes it’s creating a lot of problems for the airlines that are operating to and from the eastern parts of the country.

This is one huge loss for the airline industry as the eastern parts of the United States are one of the most profitable routes in the country and this kind of cancelation brings in loss of millions of dollars to the industry.

The fights that had already taken off to the New York from different parts of the world were diverted to other locations in the United States from where the passengers had to make their own arrangements or had to wait for hours in the airport for a solution.

The airport authorities say that things will get normal within Wednesday as the storm across the eastern region reduces. The People who had booked flights on Monday and Tuesday have been advised to cancel their flight tickets in advance.