Apple has released iOS 10 Beta couple of weeks back and as usual, when a update is offered by the provider, it will be bundled with both pros and cons. Whenever a new software is launched, it usually comes with a lot of bugs and glitches. That certainly doesn’t make iOS 10 Beta an exception, as it carries with the same issue as any other software. However, with timely updates and customer reviews this problem can be solved. The weight is more on the “YAY” side rather than the “NAY” side.

Make some careful speculation before you come to the conclusion on whether you should or should not install iOS 10 Beta. In this article we have compiled for you 5 amazing reasons to install iOS 10 Beta and unfortunately 4 reasons why you shouldn’t install it.

5 reasons why you should install iOS 10 Beta

  1. Awesome news for text addicts- The iOS 10 Beta comes with a whole new range of emojis for the test addicts. There’s plenty of room for you now to express yourself in the easiest possible way through emojis. The earlier emojis are redesigned and presented in 100 new emojis. You’ve got plenty of ways to express yourself.
  2. Better performance- If you want to improve the quality of the pre-installed iOS 10 platform in your new Apple devices, then you should install it way ahead so that iOS 10 can run smoothly without bugs.
  3. Surprise- Apple has finally found a way to let go of its pre-installed factory version apps that customers rarely use. Now isn’t that great news to finally free all the memory space hogged down by these apps. Apps like calendar, compass, iBooks, iCloud drive, FaceTime and many others will be removed from your home screen.
  4. Multilingual typing- This is the feature that grabbed everyone’s attention. iOS 10 Beta comes with multilingual typing, which means you can make a combination of any two languages before you start typing. For people who constantly use their native language along with English, this feature with iOS 10 Beta update comes as a saviour for you.
  5. iOS 10 Beta installation’s beauty and quality can only be understood by an IT professional. So, if you’re in the software industry dealing with clients or a tech critic, then this is perfect for you as only you can understand the technicality and help the general public understand its functionality.

4 reasons why you shouldn’t install iOS 10 Beta

  1. If you own one Apple product and wondering to experiment with it by installing the iOS 10 Beta in your gadget, then you might want to reconsider. As I mentioned earlier, every new software comes with its own share of problems and glitches, so you wouldn’t want to ruin your only Apple gadget.
  2. If you are a customer, who has difficulty dealing with problems patiently, then iOS 10 Beta update is not for you. The software will slow down your phone or tablet initially and you would curse the developers. So it’s better you give this a miss.
  3. A new software update requires hours of backup and patience before your device is ready to take on the load of a new software update. Same case with iOS 10 Beta, if you haven’t prepared your phone or tablet for the update, it is recommended that you don’t update as in the end you might end up losing more than you’ve gained.
  4. Jailbreak- If you’ve managed to jailbreak from iOS 9 and install apps that are not in the iTunes platform, then you can give the iOS 10 Beta a miss as it doesn’t come with the jailbreak. With iOS 10 Beta update, you might lose the iOS 9 jailbreak.