Last month was a little happening for US as this was the first time in last 10 years that a spy submarine was spotted in the US coastal border. Initially a submarine was spotted by the US navy and coastal guard and was taken to be a US submarine but later on it was discovered that the submarine was actually a spy submarine that was sent by Russia to spy on the United States.

This is a threat to the countries security and can be dangerous for the future as well. Although Russia has clearly denied charges of sending any spy submarine to the US but then both the sides remain silent now with the issue. This thing ruining the relations between these two countries even more than before which can lead to a war as well.

Keeping in mind the security of the country and the countrymen the US navy has deployed more security submarines all across the coastal borders to make sure that nothing like this happens again. Submarines with the latest tracking technology have been added to the huge fleet of naval submarines that the US already had and regular patrolling of the Coastal Borders is being done by the coast guards who are making sure that they tackle every unwanted ship or submarine enter into the borders.

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Even the fishers have been advised not to cross the coastal borders while fishing and make sure that they inform the designated authorities if they see something fishy going on in the coastal borders.