In latest research a detailed study revealed that Acupuncture is one of the best treatments for pre-dementia patients. The signs of memory loss and such problems are visible but people ignore them until it becomes major.

We all know how dangerous memory loss and Alzheimer’s is. Many adults suffer from it. Acupuncture is an old yet effective technique originated in China. Chinese with help of needles could treat painful internal injuries and nervous problems. Nerves and brain are highly controlled by the needles pressed at the right points. MCI, mild cognitive impairment is a pre-dementia symptom where patients start forgetting things.

Acupuncture trial treatment done during the research resulted that more than 50% of the patients passed their picture recognition exams and mental stability exam with flying colors. The ancient treatment is still relevant but this revelation that it can be useful to Alzheimer’s patient is one amazing discovery.

The use of Acupuncture in Medicine is very popular in China but in rest of the world it is not favored much. It means that a lot of tests are required in different countries and doctors should make the patients aware that this technique works better than other medication they prescribe. But owing to the lack of professional acupuncturists in the western world, we believe this technique will just remain in the books.

Memory loss problems are increasing in numbers all over the globe. The method acupuncture may not be favorable for all but knowing that we have experimented and achieved success with this technique, it should be put to test more and the technique should be suggested to governments – so that implementation can happen on a larger scale.
chinese acupuncture
The East v/s West divide in thought and medication practices should not hinder the research and we can only hope that it is explored moe in-depth with more volunteers and tests.

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