Tinder is the latest application to come under the radar of privacy issues and violation of privacy policies. The globally famous online dating application Tinder has recent landed in bad waters after a member of the European Parliament accused the app of violation of privacy laws. According to the reports, Belgian Socialist, Marc Tarabella, a substitute member of European Union’s Internal Market and Consumer Protection committee has stated in a press release that Tinder is violating privacy laws of EU and has requested an investigation for the same.

Investigation in line for Tinder for violation of Privacy

Tarabella has claimed the conditions of use that tinder imposes on the users are in direct violation of the privacy laws of the European Union. The main point of the argument is the fact that online dating app can still use the user’s data in future even after the user has deactivated his or her profile.

According to Tarabella, “When you register on Tinder, the company can do what it wants with your data: show, distribute to anyone or even change it. The lack of transparency should not be the rule!” Tinder is not the only app under the radar. According to Tarabella, many other apps do the same like Happn, Runkeeper. The MEP believes that if the consumer has not directly given the consent to the apps to store or share their data, they do not have any rights to do the same.

The online dating app has responded quietly to the issue. A spokesperson has stated, “Our users’ privacy is important to us and we routinely update our terms of use, privacy policies and practices to address evolving privacy laws in the nearly 200 countries where Tinder operates. We take Mr. Tarabella’s comments seriously, and we will review them as part of a process that is already underway at Tinder to best address the needs of our users and ensure we are compliant with applicable privacy laws.”