In Chester County, Pennsylvania, a teenaged person has been arrested in connection of heading into a house, robbing the place and even left the homeowner tied and locked up in a closet for several days.

A 17-year-old juvenile is arrested and been charged with home invasion and attacking a 72-year-old woman in her home. The person also steals the stuff present inside the house with stealing the woman’s car and credit cards, and the most gruesome part, the person locked that senior woman in her closet in a tied up way for four days.

According to the senior woman, the matter is from 22 February, when she was coming from a grocery store and just gets out of the car, and suddenly a person came from the back, grabbed her and even hit her head, then she got herself in a closet all tied up. The lady was discovered by her relative four days later, and she also remembers that a young male attacked her from back, as she told the Chester County police.

When the convict was summoned in a juvenile court, as per the district attorney Tom Hogan said, it is fortunate that the woman didn’t die in that closet, if she were the teen will be doomed for life. The attorney also said that the 17-year-old boy have shown all tendency to become a life-threatening person as he didn’t show any regard for the old woman’s life when he put her in a closet.

No proper news was obtained from the accused.