The friendship that stopped existing was never there, can be true for humans but in case of countries and continents we cannot be so sure. Brexit definitely drew the line and last few months have not been so great for London HQ of many businesses.

European Union has also been under crisis since 2015 and ISIS attacks keep on happening there. But UK and Europe have been together since forever and one referendum changed all that.
brexit friendship day

With all due respect to the old hags in the UK, we believe that immigration needs a more pragmatic approach. They could have learned from Swiss and Norway for that matter. But like they say things get violent and harsh decisions need to be made, it is the people who chose to end the friendship and it has caused so much trouble.

As friends and being together European Union did so much but now separated UK and EU have their own paths to tread. Many speculate in the long run everything will settle down and future is bright for the entire world as such. But let us not get into the prediction debate. Talking facts the HQ and financial districts will move and this move will be very costly to the employers as well as employees. Immigration was a small problem but referendum led to resignation of the PM and what not.

Brexit on Friendship Day: It is not a model that we should think will help the commoners but they are hopeful that with less Europeans entering their kids will have a better future. We hope UK and EU can really make a come back from this doom and let us see what is the state like next friendhsips day. To August 2017 we wish both UK and EU a Happy friendships Day and all the wisdom.

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Image Source: BBC