Elon Musk, the founder of Space X, had plans to make a one-time transport routine for two customers, who will pay to travel around the Earth’s Moon by using the Space X rocket. In a report, Musk described his feelings for this plan of his would be very exciting and ambitious.

Musk revealed his plans, but this plan is not for random people with money, instead of both the people who will experience this trip to the Moon’s orbit supposed to know each other for trust issues, but, he still didn’t reveal any of their names yet, nor gave an indication too. But it is also revealed about the potential risk in this moon mission, and Musk also confirms that the paying customers will know about the risk they might face in this mission, and it can go wrong anytime.

The venue of this historic launch should be launched from a historic site, and thus the Space X founder have chosen a historic launch site of Launch Complex 39A at the JF Kennedy Space Center, which is the same spot where NASA used for launching its Apollo Missions to the Moon.

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Due to only two people will board the spacecraft, and both of them are not astronauts, so the flight would be totally autonomous, and will be based on the specific calculation done by the trained astronauts while making the crafts. According to the space expedition culture, both the customers for Space X will be trained extremely before going on the mission, and it is because of many aspects which are helpful.