The Chief Executive Starbucks, Howard Schultz’s, foresight was largely inspired by the coffee bars on his first trip while he was going to Milan and it is over three decades now. Now the company has covered almost 75 countries and there are nearly 26,000 stores winning the credibility and making a leap into the world with espresso coffee.

Schultz informed in an interview to the Associated Press that he never was prepared to come to Italy and he also said Italy is a special place and he respects the Italian culture, the Italian coffee heritage and believes that he earned the same respect considering the point of growth that he is right now and the number of years it has taken to show the growth.

In the month of April, Schultz is preparing to step down from the chief executive post and is planning to concentrate on innovation. This include to open in 2018 a Milan location that will be one of the shops offering high end in-house featuring complex coffee drinks and roasting. He states that the 35 years of journey now completes his dream and the Starbucks circle.

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Predictably, a 70 year old, Christine Kung said, we are happy with all that we have as she was going to a bar in central Milan for coffee. She said we are not keen in getting invaded by the American scenery and there is McDonald’s for us and that is more than enough. Espresso drinks are still an Italian tradition and people here take espresso for 1 euro on an average.