BMW i8 has been in news for quite some time now owing to the spectacular features that it has. But recently, the BMW i8 has come into the limelight again. No, it is not because of a new version that the makers are rolling out. Nor it is because of any faults in BMW i8, but because a boss decided to gift 19 BMW i8 to his best employees.

Leicester City owner gifts BMW i8 to his players

We are talking about Leicester City and its billionaire Thai owner Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha. The fleet of 19 BMW i8 is a gift from the owner to the players owing to their recent success in the English Premier League.

According to the reports, Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha spent approximately around $3.5 million on the 19 BMW i8. Sadly, four players of the Leicester City triumphant team did not receive the cars as they have left the football club.

Leicester City won last year’s English Premier League defying all odds, upsetting all the predictions that were made before the Premier league started. The BMW i8 for the 19 players is probably a token of appreciation that the owner has for the outright success of Leicester City last year. They will certainly look forward to continue their form in this year’s English Premier League.